Isalo National Park

Isalo National Park is an impressive rugged massif that rises up from the flat surrounding grassy plains, some 700 km southwest of Antananarivo. It covers 815 km² of eroded Jurassic sandstone massif featuring beautiful extraordinary landscapes, wild rockformations, impressive gorges, valleys, canyons and terracotta, stalagmite pinnacles.

With more than 500 species of plants, the flora is more interesting than the fauna. There are several local endemic plants which are only found within Isalo National Park, such as the elephant´s foot and some rare palms and aloe species. Wildlife is not as prominent as in other parks of Madagascar, but there are still enough species worth to watch out for: Ring-tailed lemurs, brown lemurs, (Verreaux) sifakas and 14 nocturnal lemurs life in the dense vegetation along the streams. The best place to spot lemurs is Canyon des Makis.

Approximately 80 species of birds can be spotted (including the rare ‘grey and red’ Benson’s rock-thrush, the knob-billed duck or the crested ibis), 35 of reptiles and several endemic frogs.

The rocky cliffs and ridges often shelter concealed Sakalava tombs. It is fady (taboo) to point at the tombs with your finger. Also several other fady should be respected when visiting Isalo National Park. We will tell you all about it. The climate is dry, with warm tropical temperatures all year around. Isalo is one of Madagsacars most popular parks.

Two of my tours include a visit to Isalo National Park: