Do you know the reptiles and amphibians of Madagascar?

Reptiles in Madagascar

Reptiles are diverse and heterogeneous. If we compare the reptiles of Madagascar with Africa, there is a lack of viper, cobra, python and lizard. The Big Island is home to two-thirds of the world’s chameleons, which are represented here by a fairly large number of shapes and colors.

the Chameleons

  1. The genus Calumma </ em>: They are the chameleons the most suitable and also sensitive to the clearing, they are more or less related to the forest.
  2. Furcifer </ em> is composed of species against generally more adaptable, living also in altered habitats and in dry forests of the west.
  3. The most common species, the panther chameleon Furcifer Pardalis </ em>: lives in several habitat types and can also be found in grassy areas.
  4. The dwarf species of genera Brookesia </ em>.

Geckos and iguanas

  1. Diurnal species of the genus Phelsuma </ em>, they are the best known
  2. A number of species, living and within forests (p. lineata and p. Quadriocellata)
  1. Geckos; species very mimetic Uroplatus </ em>. Lizards gender Chalarodon </ em> and Oplurus </ em>, typical of arid west and south are iguanas that have affinities with those of the American continent.

In Madagascar we find three of the four species of Boa in the world (B. manditra, B. madagascariensis, B. dumerilii). The fourth species, Boa constrictor, is present in South America. Three Malagasy species pose no danger to humans. Madagascar is also characteristic because there are no venomous snakes at all:

  1. The kind of Madagascarophis “Lapata”
  2. The snake Liane Langaha Madagascariensis.
  3. Species of the genera Ithycyphus, called “Fandrefiala”


  1. The best known is the radiated tortoise: Geochelone radiata </ em>, typical of southern Madagascar threatened by capturing and road construction.
  2. Angonoka </ em> (Geochelone yniphora </ em>), in the region of Mahajanga Ampijoroa
  3. Pyxis planicauda </ em> in the center of the island.


Amphibians of Madagascar

Les grenouilles sont aussi endémiques de Madagascar. On compte 146 espèces à Madagascar sur 11 espèces en Europe. Madagascar peut être donc le paradis des passionnés d’hérpétofaune ou herpetologue amateur (Nocturne et Diurne).

  1. The little frog Mantella Aurentiaca.
  2. Arboreal
  3. Ovivipore
  4. Mantella laevigata of Nosy Mangabe
  5. Dyscophus antongilii or tomato frog Bay Antongil


The Tour

Jean be tours offers to all lovers of reptiles and amphibians in the world: A tour to the unique Kirindy Forest Reserve, north of Morondava.

Kirindy Forest is located north of Morondava on the west coast of Madagascar.
It is a unique reserve in a deciduous ecosystem and also very interesting for researchers and naturalists. The reserve is still little visited, but already famous for its unique quality of flora and fauna. The number and variety of reptiles and amphibians in the reserve Kirindy is remarkable.

Day 1: Antananarivo – Drive to Morondava – Hotel Bougainvilliers
Day 2: Morondava – Drive to Kirindy Forêt – Hotel Ecolodge de Kirindy
Day 3-4-5-6: walk during the day and night walks – Hotel Ecolodge de Kirindy
Day 7: Foret de Kirindy – Coucher de soleil sur l’Avenue de Baobab – Morondava – Hotel Bougainvilliers
Day 8: Morondava – Drive back to Antananarivo – Hotel Tanajacaranda
Day 9: Transfer to Ivato Aeroport – Flight

Including: Transportations, guide assistance, driver, fuel. The entrance to the Kirindy reserve, local guide, mineral water, hotels, breakfasts.

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