Trekking: Ambalavao to Manakara

The area between Ambalavao and Manakara contains many Betsileo villages connected by walking trails. This beautiful scenic area is also known as ‘the rainforest corridor’; linking Ranomafana and Andringitra national parks. This 5-day trekking should be easy for the fit and experienced walker. Day walks vary between 18 to 25 km and should prove no particular difficulty. You will be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful nature and spectacular scenery.

Trekking: Ambalavao to Manakara.

5 days / 4 nights

Ambalavao – Ambohimahamasina – Ambondrombe “sacred mountain” – Manakara: 5 days / 4 nights


For a single person: on request
For two persons: on request
From three persons: on request

Best time: February to November

Trekking: Ambalavao to Manakara – day to day

Day 1: Ambalavao

We leave Ambalavao at 10.00 hours. I need some time to organize everything (make purchases) pack all necessary materials. After a 15 km drive we will be hiking for 5 hours up to Camp C, where we will make camp for the night. Camps C is close to the primary forest (the corridor). The hike is not very difficult. We will be walking throug stunning landscapes. For this trip we advice to wear a hat, sunglasses and sun protection lotion.

Day 2: primary forest, Ambohimahamasina

Wake up and breakfast around 7am. A beautiful walk through the primary forest, valleys terraced with rice paddies, waterfalls and wildlife. The path is sometimes very narrow, wet and slippery so we must be careful. Occasionally we have to cross a water stream or small river. In the afternoon we make camp next to the small village of Ambohimahamasina, located next to a large river. We will sleep in our tent, homestay or the village school. Todays trek is a 7 hours walk, we will encounter with people carrying 20 liter containers filled with the local rum of Ambohimahamasina.

Ambohimahamasina literally means “at the sacred mountain”. It is home to Madagascar’s most sacred mountain called Ambondrombe. It is believed that the spirits of all dead people reside on this mountain. This area has some spectacular scenery with beautiful Betsileo villages, ricefields, rich flora and fauna and some interesting cultural sites. Weaving and basketry is traditional to this area.

Day 3: Matitanana River era

We leave the village at 7am for a 7 hour walk. The terrain is easy and flat as we walk right next to the river Matitanana. This area and forest is very rich and varied in species of flora and fauna. In the afternoon we return to the village were we sleep with a family or in our own tents.

Day 4: Local village

Starting at 7 am with a nice 7 hours of sturdy walking. The path will ascend and descend all the time in a beautiful and varied landscape with breath-taking views across the rainforest. In the afternoon we will make camp near a small village.

Day 5: Manakara

Wake up early in the morning at 5am. A 7 hour walk tand arrival in the next village before 1.00 pm. Here we take the taxi brousse that will tak us to Manakara (2h drive). Check in at the green Lake hotel or similar.

The walks are both sturdy and adventurous (that is to say, hilly).