The East and Northeast of Madagascar

The main areas that we will discover:
– Andasibe
– Toamasina (or Tamatave)
– Foulpointe (or Mahavelona)
– Sainte-Marie (Island of Pirates, also called ‘Nosy Boraha’)
– Maroantsetra
– Antalaha
– Sambava

The East and Northeast of Madagascar

Antananarivo – Toamasina – Foulpointe – Soanierana-Ivongo – Sainte Marie: 11 days / 10 nights Extension: Maroanstsetra – Masoala – Antalana – Sambava – Marojejy: 21 days / 20 nights.

Including: Car and driver, hotel and camping, entrances parks, guides, fuel, airline ticket, transfers and receptions at the airport.

This tour will bring you to the best sights and attractions in this region. However, the tour may be adapted for you. We are flexible and there is always room for personal preferences. Please let me know!

The East and Northeast of Madagascar – day to day

Day 1: Andasibe

AM: A drive to Andasibe, with a varied landscape and forest Ravinala of palm oil. We have a little break at Marozevo, to visit the breeding station of reptiles and other mammals. When we arrive at Andasibe, we check in at the hotels. In the evening, we transfer to the Analamazaotra park entrance for a night tour, discovering lemurs and nocturnal mammals.

Day 2: Andasibe

After breakfast, we transfer to the park entrance. We visit the Analamazaotra Park with an area of ​​810Ha. The home to 31 species of mammals, 11 species of lemurs (including the Indri Indri), 112 species of birds, 39 species of reptiles, 36 species of amphibians and 100 species of insects. The discovery of the largest species of lemur: the Indri indri. in the late afternoon we return to the hotel.

Day 3: Andasibe

After breakfast, we transfer to the Mantadia Park entrance. Visit the park known for its lush vegetation in successive strata, orchid epiphytes, ferns, lichens and lianas.

Day 4: Toamasina

After breakfast, we departure for Toamasina. The landscape is characterized by the forests of Ravenala (also called “traveler’s tree”), forests of palm oil and small Betsimisaraka houses (ethnicity coast).

Day 5: Toamasina

AM: A tour to Toamasina, with the largest port in Madagascar. The we visit the Park of Ivoloina, a breeding station with lemurs, Varecia variegata (release) and 5 other lemur species such as lemurs, bamboo snakes, and tortoises. PM: Free, lazing on the beautiful beach of Foulpointe

Day 6: Foulpointe

A marine excursion, with a canoe trip to the coral reef, diving and swimming. We discover the sea life of this region such as starfish, sea snakes, sea cucumbers and sea urchins.

Day 7: Soanierana Ivongo

AM: Departure to Soanierana Ivongo. With beautiful green landscapes at the East Coast.

Day 8: Sainte Marie

An early morning transfer by boat to the island Sainte Marie. When we arrival we check in at the hotel. In the afternoon we have a land excursion, ride a bike and a visit to the Cemetery of pirates. Sainte-Marie, an island partly covered by a luxuriant vegetation, has beautiful beaches and coves. Every year from July to September, it is a hot spot for whale watching.

Day 9: Sainte Marie

A marine excursion, canoe trip, diving, and an excursion to the island with mats.

Day 10: Sainte Marie


Day 11: Antananarivo

Early morning flight to Antananarivo.


Day 11: Maroantsetra

AM: The flight to Tamatave, continuation Maroantsetra. PM: Free, you could get a tour to the city. Day 12: Maroantsetra After breakfast, we transfer by boat to Nosy Mangabe. A visit to Nosy Mangabe National Park which is the home of 10 species of lemurs, including the famous Varecia variegata and Aye-Aye, 7 species of carnivores, 9 species of rodents, reptiles including the famous uroplatus and amphibians. At night we go Camping. Day 13: Maroantsetra We visit the Nosy Mangabe National Park.

Day 14: Masoala

Early morning boat transfer to Masoala with Vari red lemurs, birds (Vanga, Masoala pitcher), bats, more than 2000 species of plants, including palm triad.

Day 15: Masoala

We visit the Masoala National Park

Day 16: Antalaha

AM: We transfer by boat to Antalaha. PM: Free, you could go tour around the city

Day 17: Marojejy

We leave early in the morning to Marojejy through Sambava. We stay at a Cottage park.

Day 18: Marojejy

After breakfast, we visit the Marojejy National Park, a paradise for mountain lovers and naturalists. This park consists dense forests, high mountains, wet lowlands and secondary forests. The home of 10 species of lemurs (including the famous and rare silky sifaka), 110 species of birds, 60 species of amphibians, 49 species of reptiles.

Day 19: Marojejy

A visit to Marojejy National Park.

Day 20: Marojejy

Early morning departure to Sambava. PM: Free, we take a city Tour.

Day 21: Marojejy

AM: Free In the afternoon we take a flight to Antananarivo.