Pictures of Madagascar

On the south-eastern coast of Africa you’ll find the Republic of Madagascar, also called Malagasy. A beautiful island country looking like a part of what some people imagine heaven to be.

Madagascar has unique flora and fauna that have partly developed independently of mainland Africa, due to the isolated location as an island.

The group known animals are the lemurs, a diverse group of lemurs found only on the island. Other well-known animals that live only in Madagascar are the phelsuma, a line of brightly colored lizards, the comet moth, the steltrallen, the Tenrec and the fossa, the largest native predator. Also, a large number of species of chameleons are on the island . Species from the genus Furcifer are called Madagaskar kameleons . The national trees of Madagascar, the baobab tree and travelers palm.

Madagascar is a photographers heaven, because of its unique flora and fauna, beautiful diverse landscape and friendly people!