The main areas that we will discover:
– Antsiranana (or Diego)
– Ambaja
– Nosy Be (also called ‘the scented island’)
– Mahajanga (or Majunga)

White sandy beaches of Saint Marie Island

Tropical island of Saint Marie


Discover the west and the North in 13 days

Ankarafatsika – Mahajanga – Antsiranana – Ankarana – Ambanja – Nosy Be: 14 days / 13 nights

Including: Car and driver, hotel and camping, breakfast, entrances parks, boat, airline ticket(local flight), transfer and reception at the airport, guide, fuel.

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Day 1: Ankarafatsika
Early morning departure for Ankarafatsika, with a landscape of mango, palm forests of Bismarck, the millers, rivers, grasslands and small traditional Sakalava houses.

Day 2: Ankarafatsika
A visit to the National Park of Ankarafatsika. Rich in fauna and flora and high rates of endemicity: birds (120 species), reptiles (70 species), mammals (22 species), endangered breeding turtles (Erymnochelys madagascariensis, Geochelone yniphora and Pyxis planicauda), dense forest and dry forest.

Day 3: Ankarafatsika
A visit to the Ankarafatsika National Park.

Day 4: Mahajanga
AM: We departure to Mahajanga.
PM: A visit to the city of Mahajanga and locations.

We stay at the Sakalava Hotel, characteristic of the province.

Day 5: Antsiranana
AM: We take the flight to Antsiranana (or Diego).
PM: Sightseeing and places in Antsiranana.

Day 6: Antsiranana
AM: Departure for Amber Mountain National Park. Amber Mountain has a beautiful landscape with its magnificent waterfalls and crater lakes. The park is also the home of the lemurs (Lemur including crowned Sanford Lemur, bamboo Lemur, red lemur, Cheirogal), galidie, elegant tenrecs (6 families), chameleons, frogs, birds (72 species) including ibis, gobe, ferns, herbs and orchids.

Day 7: Ankarana
AM: A visit to Amber Mountain National Park.
PM: Departure for Ankarana.

Day 8: Ankarana
A visit to the National Park of Ankarana and its famous ‘Tsingy’ (outcrop peak). This park is the home of 10 species of lemurs (Eulemur fulvus amongst other things, Lépilmérus septentrionalis, Hapalemur), bat (13 species), birds (92 species), chameleons, crocodiles Pachypodium, Euphorbia and baobabs.

Day 9: Ankarana
A visit to the National Park of Ankarana.

Day 10: Ambaja
AM: Departure for Ambaja.
PM: Free.

Day 11: Nosy Be
AM: We transfer by boat to Nosy Be, through Nosy Komba (Island of lemurs), which houses a large number of lemurs Maccaco who are very accustomed to men. Nosy Be, which is called ‘the scented island’, has its cultures ylang – ylang, coffee, pepper, sugar cane.
PM: We visit the market with local products such as vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, and other spices.

Day 12: Nosy Be
Excursion to Nosy Tanikely, a nature reserve. To see the navy and its people, diving and swimming.

Day 13: Nosy Be
Lazing on the beautiful beach of Andilana.

Day 14: Antananarivo
AM: Free
PM: Flight to Antananarivo

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